Miranda Freeman is a writer slash human. She earned her B.A. in Linguistics and English from UCLA in 2012, and her M.S. from Massachusetts General Hospital in 2015. These degrees are pretty irrelevant, but did snag her a day job diagnosing and treating swallowing disorders at an awesome cancer hospital in California, a career that is just about as abnormal as it sounds.

She got serious about writing while attending graduate school in Boston, where creating her own worlds within Scrivener was a tad more exciting than attending to her never-ending mountain of classwork (spoiler alert: school actually does end eventually, thank goodness). Since then, she's pounded out hundreds of thousands of words and only a percentage of them are really, truly, set-yourself-on-fire terrible.

In her free time, Miranda likes to hoard shoes and clothing that she'll never wear again, cross Stephen King book titles off her TBR list, and pet any and all dogs that will have her.

Miranda Freeman